oh how I love the glitz……..


Thank You Gals

I am beyond excited to be new to the world of blogging. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time and I have taken the first step. It amazes me how we seek to motivate and inspire others and through our own words it can resign ates within. I just recently took a short weekend trip to my hometown, Plainfield New Jersey. While there I had the opportunity  to reconnect and share quality time with my cousins who I view as my sisters. We decided to take a shopping trip to the city for the day and while driving into the city, I had a conversation with my gals. We expressed our goals in life and what our passions were. I’m the mother hen so of course my dialogue was nurturing and encouraging my cousins to chase their dreams and how it’s never too late to do what you truly want to do. But what I did’nt realize is I speaking to myself as well and its opened my mind up to the fact that I have a voice and an opinion and I want to be heard. So thank you to my favorite gals. Lakeisha Doyle, Monesha Greer and Phyllis Greer. I love you girls so much and I know that we will always be there to lift each other up in this journey we call life.