skinny fat girl

All of my life up until 3 years ago, I have struggled with my weight. I remember always being the biggest kid in my elementary and middle school classes, girl scouts and every circle that I rolled in. Even though I was not that appealing to the masses because of my weight, I always felt good about myself and knew I was beautiful not only on the inside but on the outside as well. Even though I didn’t live up to society’s definition of beauty. I’ve always held my head high and walked with a stride of confidence. The transition from phat to skinny most would think is a great thing. Now don’t get it twisted, it is. I thank God everyday for helping me through this journey and bringing me this far. I’m at the point where I’m learning what works for my body now. My brain is still wired to cover my arms and wear a shirt long enough that hides my low hanging gut. I think when you lose a large amount of weight it sometimes takes longer for your brain to catch up with your actual weight loss. Sometimes I still look in the mirror and see a phat girl staring back at me. But I’m coming into my own and each day gets better with me accepting the body that I have now and learning how to dress it fabulously.

check me out. 135 pounds down


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