Prelude to Spring

Today was absolutely beautiful. It was such a sunny warm day, I’m so

glad that spring is just a few days away. I woke up in a great mood and wasn’t as groggy as I normally am. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am not a

morning person and to stay clear of me until about noon. On another

note, I surprised my two daughters with news today that we were going

to Orlando  to the Nick hotel  for spring break in two weeks. They were super excited and already

planning outfits to pack for our mini vacay.  My girlfriends take their

kids every year for spring break and this will be the first time that me

and my girls will join them. I can’t wait to get away and enjoy the company of my kids, my friends and their kids.

I kept it pretty simple today with my attire. skinny jeans from Ross. Purple shirt-BCBG Blazer- Thrifted Shoes- Aldo Jewelry- Glam House



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