Not so matchy matchy

Today when I walked in the office my play play brother told me “sis you dont match” so I began to explain to him that it’s not about matching, its about your pieces relating to one another and actually for the most part I try to stay away from being too matchy matchy.Sometimes when I’m out and about and I see young ladies that match their outfit to the T with their shoes their handbag and jewelry. I want to cringe. Some even go as far as matching their……But of course my brother didn’t grasp the concept. So I just gave up on the explanation. One thing about my personal style is I like to have a pulled together look and not necessarily matching, but again as long as the color choices I use relate to one another in some way.

This is my not so matchy matchy look……


Shirt: thrifted blazer: Talbots pants: macys shoes: Jessica Simpson




Thanks for stopping by. Have a glammy day….


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