My name is Meek & I’m a shopoholic

Happy Monday all,
I had a feeling this weekend was going to fly by for me & it did. My goal was to stay away from my favorite stores this weekend and give my wallet a rest. I got through the first part of the day just fine, spending time with my mommy. But when I got home my mind became idle and I just began to think of all of the sales I probably was missing out on. I tried to fight it off, but was unsuccessful. So I got in my car and drove to St. Johns Towncenter ( my shopping stomping ground) I made a deal with myself that I wouldn’t spend more than a certain amount of $. Lets just say that was an epic fail too. I spent double than what I’d planned. But I felt so elated to walk those bags into my room and begin to try all of my new things on. I got my fix.

I’m addicted to sales. I’m addicted to being in the stores on a regular basis. I’m ADDICTED………… What more can I say.





Shirt: Ross stores, Jeans: Raven denim, Shoes: DD’s, Clutch: Adrienne Vittadini


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