Grateful for the small things

I got a slow start this morning & it took everything in me to get out of the bed this morning. On top of that my iron decided to stop working. So I pulled out the trusty wrinkle resistant clothes today. I love these wrinkle free pants from Ann Taylor because they really do what they claim. I don’t get the creases from sitting down and they are soft to touch and of good quality. So sometimes it is the small things that you have to appreciate. If I allowed it, my morning could have gone all wrong from one mis hap. It’s important for us not to put so much focus on the small negative things. I’m a true believer in what you focus on expands. So let’s put all of our energy into positive productive things and it we will welcome more of that into our lives.

Thanks for stopping by & have a glammy good day

Shirt: f21 Pants: Ann Taylor Shoes: Steve Madden Jewelry: Glam house boutique Handbag: Emille M.






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