It’s not the size; It’s fit

I don’t know why we as women get so caught up in size and when we have to veer away from the usual size that we wear and its such a hard thing to do.Well let me rephrase that.When we have to get a size bigger it’s a problem.I’m not judging because I was in that number also. But I came to the realization that it’s not size, it’s fit. No one will know what the tag says on the inside of your shirt, dress or pants. If they do happen to catch a glimpse- so what………what matters is if it fits well and looks good.

Have any of you felt some kind of way when you had to make a purchase in a size larger than what you normally wear?


Jean jacket: Gap Shirt: Thrifted Pants:Banana Republic Shoes: Jessica Simpson Belt: Steinmart Bracelets: Glam House Boutique





Have a Glammy Good Day……….


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