Tiffany Blue Blazer


Good morning glammy gals…… We have almost made it through the work week, hurry up Friday……

Today I decided to wear my Tiffany blue blazer with all black. I love blazers so much. They are a really good transitional piece when losing weight. The blazer I’m wearing is about 4 sizes bigger than the actual size I buy for myself, but how its made, plays a big part. It’s a shantung silk, free flowing blazer that has a mid sleeve so I was able to pull off the oversized look. I’ve also worn it belted in the past which gave it more shape & cinched my waist.  When in between sizes or losing weight the thrift store and consignment shops  are a great place to shop. I know a lot of people turn their nose up at the thrift and used clothes period. But its a great solution to not overspend on clothing that you may not be in for long. I used to make a face when someone said they got something from the shift. But all I can say is don’t knock it until you try it. I’m obsessed…..


Blazer: thrifted, black tank: H&M, pants: Tahari, Shoes: Bakers shoes, handbag: Steven by Steve Madden Sunnies: thrifted





Thanks for stopping by and have a glammy good day……


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