A Family Affair

Good morning glammy gals….
I’m sorry for the lack of posts last week. I was preparing for my family that came to town from New Jersey. My mother’s day weekend was phenomenal. There’s nothing better than being surrounded by family. All 4 of my mother’s sisters came to town and all of my closest cousins & their kids. We had a ball. We ate good, we tailgated at a local event called the funk fest and topped it off with a special mother’s day tribute to our mothers. I was sad to see them leave but I will hold this weekend in my heart forever.

This is what I wore to the funk fest. It was a comfortable combination & no fuss. Which is a must when dealing with this Florida heat.




I know my toes are ashy, I didn’t lotion them until I got in the car….lol




First pic is of my older sissy Dee. She is the most Aggy person in life but I love her so much and she has the biggest heart. I would do anything for her. She always made me feel good when I didn’t feel so good about myself. She supports me in everything I set out to do. She is my biggest cheerleader. Love you sissy…..xoxo

Next we have my cousin Ke but I consider her my sissy too. We have been tight forever and a day. Her personality is like no other. Her best quality is her slick words and her loyalty to her family and the ones she loves. As you can see she is a curvy chick and rocks it well. You will never see her out half stepping. Love you Ke…..xoxo

Last but certainly not least we have Stan. He may look familiar from a previous post ( Stan’s World) I love this guy, so funny and he so gets my love for thrifting. Maybe because he thrifts just as much. We tore the local thrift stores up while he was here. Love you little cuz …..xoxo

For the remainder of the week I will introduce you guys to more of my fabulous family.

As always thanks for stopping by and have a glammy good day……..


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