Color Blind


Happy Monday Glam Dolls,

I hope everyone’s weekend was great. I had a lot of time to relax & spend time with my daughters. yesterday my girlfriend and I went to eat lunch at Carrabbas. I received an invite from them to come for a complimentary lunch to taste some upcoming dishes they will be adding to their menu. Everything was incredible. I enjoyed everything from the appetizers to the dessert. Did I mention this is one of my favorite restaurants….. I have been eating there for years and I literally order the same entree every time. So it was really nice to sample other options that they have to offer. I wore this oh so comfy thrift store buy. The so I thought, red dress. I had this dress for at least 6 months. When my cousins were here to visit I showed one of my cousins the dress and referred to it as being red. She said you must be color blind because this dress clearly is orange. When I took a closer look, I realized it was more orange than red. So I refer to it as the orange red dress now. What color does it look like to y’all?




5 thoughts on “Color Blind

  1. Red in the picture. But I’ve seen it in person and yes its more orange than red. Btw I like it with the jean vest. Cute!

  2. I Have To Agree With Ke , In The Sunlight Its Clearly Red But Indoors It Looks Orange . & Btw I Love The Side Pony Tail ! XoXo

  3. @ Ke. I actually second guessed myself with the vest. But when I look at the pics, I liked it better with the vest too.

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