Thrifted from head almost to toe


Good morning luvs,

As I have mentioned in several posts before, I absolutely love thrifting. I think its that whole element of surprise. You never know what your going to luck up on. More often than none, I always seem to find something that I love on my thrifting adventures. One thing that I love about thrifting is that you can find unique pieces that everyone won’t necessarily have. It allows my creative juices to flow on how I’m going to style something that may be ugly as hell to the average person. But I see beyond that and always think of ways that I can reinvent a piece and make it hip and current. My look for the day is completely thrifted minus the shoes. The blouse is gap. I paid $2.00 for it. The blazer is Zara and I paid $6.00 for that. Jeans Ralph Lauren for $2.00 and the belt is Jill Stuart I paid $8.00 for it. My shoes are from Dillards, I believe I paid about $40.00 for them. Oh I almost forgot about my clutch………..thrifted $1.00…………..
Is anyone else obsessed with thrifting like me?





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