Dangerous Curves Fashion Show


Happy Monday,

I was invited to a fashion show over the weekend for full figured models. Karen “THE VOICE” Washington is a personal friend of mine and also the fashion show coordinator & commentator, so there was no doubt that i would be there to support her and the dangerous curves models. It was so uplifting to see these curvy ladies strutting their stuff down the runway with poise & confidence. It reaffirmed that you can be hot & glamourous at any size with confidence being one of the main components. The best part was the after party where I had the opportunity to connect with some of the models and commend them on the great example they are setting for curvy chicks everywhere.

Here a few pics from the show, after party, & the after after party where me & my girls decided to go out and finish our night out strong………enjoy











Leather dress: Venus, Jean jacket: gap, shoes: Boutique 9, Tinted sunnies: cazal, Necklace: Glam House Boutique

Fix it or flaunt it


Good morning glammy gals,

Lately I have been thinking about the next step after extreme weight loss. The next step to me would be cosmetic surgery. It’s so ironic how you tuck away one set of insecurities for another. While I’m extremely grateful that I lost a lot of weight and kept it off, I find it hard to enjoy the new healthy slimmer body that I have. Many won’t understand this if you haven’t been through this, but once you lose the weight, you want your body to look just as good under the clothes as it does in clothes. A temporary fix of course is to wear clothing that will camaflauge that area. But after a while it gets quite boring to target the same type pieces to accommodate a less than perfect area of the body. So while I will flaunt it for now, I plan on doing my research and eventually fixing it with a tummy tuck.

Chime in glammy gals. what are your thoughts on cosmetic surgery….? Are you for it or against it?





Stripes with color


Good Morning All,

So I went back to work yesterday after coming back from an almost two week vacation and let me just say I wish I took more time off. It was nice to see everyone that I missed, but I could and should have taken another week…..on another note, I decided to rock my striped bolero style blazer with my blue high waisted pants. It still takes courage for me to wear things tucked in that show off my mid section. But my friend Kim made me feel at ease about my pants and told me they actually showed how small my waist was and distracted from my stomach. Being in New Orleans and doing so much walking was a wake up call that I am so out of shape. So I plan on working on a walking regiment to get in shape. It was no fun waking up each morning with an aching lower back and legs feeling like they were going to buckle with each step. I’m sure as time goes on and I’m consistent I can actually tighten my legs up too. So we shall see..

As always thank you for following the skinnyphatglammygal






This pic is what I wore to brunch in New Orleans

Essence Music Festival 2012


I went to the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans over the weekend & had a blast. I don’t even know where to begin. The food was fantastic, the lineup for all of the shows was on point, and I probably lost about 5 pounds from all of the walking that I did. It was beautiful to see the range of style walking through the streets. From maxi dresses and skirts to distressed Jean shorts with cropped tops. The downside to my trip is that long time friendships have been compromised and it may be to a point of no return. I think sometimes you grow up & grow apart and that was apparent to me over the weekend. Any who……despite the arguments and disagreements amongst friends, New Orleans was a great experience and I plan to go again next year. I did want to share with yall a few pictures I took on the trip…………enjoy………..























Red white & blue


Good morning beautiful people,

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July celebrations and ate tons of cookout food….I had a pretty low key day. My family and I celebrated with friends as we do every year and finished the day of with fireworks that were incredible. I’m heading out to New Orleans for the essence music festival and I’m super excited. This will be my first time going and I’m looking forward to a great time with my girlfriends. I will take tons of pictures and share my experience with you.

As always thank you for stopping by…. Have a glammy good day……






Yin to Yang Launch


Hey glammy gals,

I know I haven’t been the best blogger lately, but I promise to get it together soon. but any who…..
I’m so excited to announce the official launch of http://www.shopyintoyang.com. My cousin & her partner Latoya had a brilliant idea to corner the market with an online boutique. Let me just say I have seen some of the pieces and they are haute…. Some of these designs have been handpicked by their intern Stan. Now we know he has an eye for fabulousness. The price points are phenomenal and if you are looking to stand apart from the crowd you must check them out.

Their mission is to offer a compelling collection of extravagant vintage and contemporary pieces targeted to the lifestyle of ‘fashion lovers.’

Here’s a peak at some of the pieces that will be available starting today. Follow my lead and go to their online boutique and make a purchase or 2.
Click here. http://www.shopyintoyang.com




Yin to Yang can be found on Facebook and Tumblr (yintooyang), Twitter (@_YinToYang), and Instagram (yintoyang).

Pink Friday


Happy Friday glammy gals,

I’m so looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow is my 11 year wedding anniversary and I plan on living it up with the hubby all weekend long. This is the first time I’m letting him take control and make the plans- I will let y’all know how he does. Being that I’m an event planner its so hard to give up that control of making all of the preparations and coming up with unique ideas. So I’m going to sit back and let him do everything………and I mean everything

Hope you all have a glammy weekend………..I know I will………








Thrifted from head almost to toe


Good morning luvs,

As I have mentioned in several posts before, I absolutely love thrifting. I think its that whole element of surprise. You never know what your going to luck up on. More often than none, I always seem to find something that I love on my thrifting adventures. One thing that I love about thrifting is that you can find unique pieces that everyone won’t necessarily have. It allows my creative juices to flow on how I’m going to style something that may be ugly as hell to the average person. But I see beyond that and always think of ways that I can reinvent a piece and make it hip and current. My look for the day is completely thrifted minus the shoes. The blouse is gap. I paid $2.00 for it. The blazer is Zara and I paid $6.00 for that. Jeans Ralph Lauren for $2.00 and the belt is Jill Stuart I paid $8.00 for it. My shoes are from Dillards, I believe I paid about $40.00 for them. Oh I almost forgot about my clutch………..thrifted $1.00…………..
Is anyone else obsessed with thrifting like me?




Geeky Green


Happy Monday,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My weekend was busy as usual. I enjoyed the company of my girlfriends, wine & laughs on Friday night. It was the perfect prelude to a great weekend & just what I needed after the long work week. I dedicated my time to my hubby & daughters on Saturday. We had the best time just enjoying the weather, eating & shopping.




I spent Sunday with my wonderful Dad. I’m so blessed to have such an encouraging, supportive father. I don’t think it was until I was an adult that I really realized that I was so very lucky to have a father that was fully engaged in raising me & my siblings & was there for us for everything. Good & bad. But more importantly set the bar for how you are to treat a woman ( your wife)
That was something that I saw daily with how he interacted with my mommy.
Thank you daddy for all of the life lessons & loving me unconditionally………




Basics with sherbert tucked in

Good morning glammies,

Sorry for the lack of posts, but life has been super busy for me this last week. Here’s a look at what I wore yesterday. I have mentioned in the past that its really hard for me to wear my shirts tucked in. But I’m slowly getting there. I may not have a washboard flat stomach But I would like to sometimes be able to tuck my shirt. So if I don’t step out of the box & just do it, I will be regretful & we all know that’s no way to live a fashionable life.
So here it is….