Dangerous Curves Fashion Show


Happy Monday,

I was invited to a fashion show over the weekend for full figured models. Karen “THE VOICE” Washington is a personal friend of mine and also the fashion show coordinator & commentator, so there was no doubt that i would be there to support her and the dangerous curves models. It was so uplifting to see these curvy ladies strutting their stuff down the runway with poise & confidence. It reaffirmed that you can be hot & glamourous at any size with confidence being one of the main components. The best part was the after party where I had the opportunity to connect with some of the models and commend them on the great example they are setting for curvy chicks everywhere.

Here a few pics from the show, after party, & the after after party where me & my girls decided to go out and finish our night out strong………enjoy











Leather dress: Venus, Jean jacket: gap, shoes: Boutique 9, Tinted sunnies: cazal, Necklace: Glam House Boutique


Stripes with color


Good Morning All,

So I went back to work yesterday after coming back from an almost two week vacation and let me just say I wish I took more time off. It was nice to see everyone that I missed, but I could and should have taken another week…..on another note, I decided to rock my striped bolero style blazer with my blue high waisted pants. It still takes courage for me to wear things tucked in that show off my mid section. But my friend Kim made me feel at ease about my pants and told me they actually showed how small my waist was and distracted from my stomach. Being in New Orleans and doing so much walking was a wake up call that I am so out of shape. So I plan on working on a walking regiment to get in shape. It was no fun waking up each morning with an aching lower back and legs feeling like they were going to buckle with each step. I’m sure as time goes on and I’m consistent I can actually tighten my legs up too. So we shall see..

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This pic is what I wore to brunch in New Orleans

Basics with sherbert tucked in

Good morning glammies,

Sorry for the lack of posts, but life has been super busy for me this last week. Here’s a look at what I wore yesterday. I have mentioned in the past that its really hard for me to wear my shirts tucked in. But I’m slowly getting there. I may not have a washboard flat stomach But I would like to sometimes be able to tuck my shirt. So if I don’t step out of the box & just do it, I will be regretful & we all know that’s no way to live a fashionable life.
So here it is….





Chambray Crazy


Happy Thursday…….

When I sit and think of fashion trends that have come & gone throughout the years, there are just a few that have stuck around. Which I guess if it’s still a staple piece, we really wouldn’t consider it a trend but rather a classic. The chambray shirt is something that the majority of us own, and more than likely have had it for some time now. Jean chambray shirts have made a huge comeback within the last few years. This versatile piece can be worn to an after 6 affair, a day at the beach, on a date and also be worn simply running around to do errands. It’s so many ways this shirt can be worn, the options are endless. Here are just a few ways you can wear the chambray shirt.












It’s not the size; It’s fit

I don’t know why we as women get so caught up in size and when we have to veer away from the usual size that we wear and its such a hard thing to do.Well let me rephrase that.When we have to get a size bigger it’s a problem.I’m not judging because I was in that number also. But I came to the realization that it’s not size, it’s fit. No one will know what the tag says on the inside of your shirt, dress or pants. If they do happen to catch a glimpse- so what………what matters is if it fits well and looks good.

Have any of you felt some kind of way when you had to make a purchase in a size larger than what you normally wear?


Jean jacket: Gap Shirt: Thrifted Pants:Banana Republic Shoes: Jessica Simpson Belt: Steinmart Bracelets: Glam House Boutique





Have a Glammy Good Day……….