Geeky Green


Happy Monday,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. My weekend was busy as usual. I enjoyed the company of my girlfriends, wine & laughs on Friday night. It was the perfect prelude to a great weekend & just what I needed after the long work week. I dedicated my time to my hubby & daughters on Saturday. We had the best time just enjoying the weather, eating & shopping.




I spent Sunday with my wonderful Dad. I’m so blessed to have such an encouraging, supportive father. I don’t think it was until I was an adult that I really realized that I was so very lucky to have a father that was fully engaged in raising me & my siblings & was there for us for everything. Good & bad. But more importantly set the bar for how you are to treat a woman ( your wife)
That was something that I saw daily with how he interacted with my mommy.
Thank you daddy for all of the life lessons & loving me unconditionally………





Chambray Crazy


Happy Thursday…….

When I sit and think of fashion trends that have come & gone throughout the years, there are just a few that have stuck around. Which I guess if it’s still a staple piece, we really wouldn’t consider it a trend but rather a classic. The chambray shirt is something that the majority of us own, and more than likely have had it for some time now. Jean chambray shirts have made a huge comeback within the last few years. This versatile piece can be worn to an after 6 affair, a day at the beach, on a date and also be worn simply running around to do errands. It’s so many ways this shirt can be worn, the options are endless. Here are just a few ways you can wear the chambray shirt.












A Family Affair II

Good morning glammy gals,

I’m so glad it’s Thursday and I made it through what I consider the roughest days of the week. I’m still trying to catch up on all of the sleep I missed over the weekend. I miss my family already and am anticipating the next time I see them again. It’s so refreshing being around people that truly know and understand you.
Shout out to the Damon girls we are a unique bunch….





I want to introduce you guys to more of my cousins.
First we have Moe, I consider her as a sister too, we have shared so many great experiences from childhood to adulthood. Moe is so smart & articulate. She is the more serious one out of the bunch but don’t get it twisted she definately knows how to let her hair down & have fun too. She was my maid of honor when I got married and is near & dear to my heart…luv you Moe. Xoxo

Next we have Phyl. She is absolutely beautiful and I’m so proud of the young lady that she has become. Her personal style is elegant & edgy and she has a closet that most women could only dream of. She is in the process of launching an online vintage boutique, I have seen some of the pieces that will be available for purchase and they are haute….. I love this chick because we relate on so many levels. She also named my little princess (Jaelyn Monet) I will be featuring her here when Ying to Yang goes live- stay tuned….luv you Phyl…….xoxo

Thanks for stopping by, have a glammy good day



Unlikely Pair

Happy Monday all. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. If you ask me it came & went too soon. But that’s every weekend…. but anywho…….

Friday, my girlfriend Lawanda must have been peaking in my window. We both showed up to work with red jeans on. She paired hers with a teal blue shirt & I wore a multi printed shirt with pinks, oranges
and hints of green. Again showing you can go many routes with red.

Lawanda & I have very different style approaches. We are definately an unlikely pair of friends (let everyone else tell it). We met about 3 years ago & have been inseparable every since. We have so much fun together & she always has my back in every situation & I  keep her balanced because she is all over the place (scatter brains I call her) but I luv her so much…….She tends to sport girly laid back looks with flats or wedges( her fave) I on the other hand don’t even feel right when I don’t have a heel on. I’m used to wearing them on a daily basis… As a matter of fact I only own 1 pair of flats. But as the summer months approach I do want to start looking for some really cute flat sandals & comfy wedges. We will be attending the essence festival in July & I know there will be a ton of walking for those few days. So if anyone comes across oh so cute flats & wedges. Send pics.




shirt: Dillards clearance center, Jeans: Arden B. Shoes: Ross stores handbag: Big Buddha ( Steinmart) jewelry: vintage thrifted







As always thanks for stopping by & have a glammy good day….